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Is Your Drywall Nearly Finished?

What Are the Best Methods for Drywall Installation Taping?

Taping is the final touch used to complete drywall installation in a room. The main purpose behind this tape is to hide any gaps and joints which are often found on the corners and at places along the wall where sections of drywall sheets are joined. Even though there are in fact 2 kinds of tape which can be used in the process, their method is quite similar.

Before starting any drywall taping, you need to make sure that the drywall hanging was done correctly. Basically, this means making sure the sheets have been secured to the wall with the factory edges of every sheet touching one another. This is because the factory edges are narrower than the actual body of the sheets, a factor which is very important when it comes to taping.

Once the sheets have been placed, the next step you need to do is to determine what kind of tape needs to be used for the job. Professionals such as Well Hung Drywall prefer the paper type instead of the fiberglass kind. However, homeowners that are doing the job themselves, will often find that the fiberglass type is easier to work with.

When you are using the paper type, the first task you need to do is to assemble all the necessary supplies. You will need scissors to cut the tape, a putty knife, and a drywall compound which is often referred to as mud. Keep a small towel handy also. Use your putty knife to spread a layer of the mud in the area surrounding the seam. Use your knife to smooth it so it fills the indentation that is created by the 2 factory edges of the drywall sheets.

Once this done, center the tape over the seam and use your knife to press the tape in place. As a final touch, spread a thin layer of mud over this and feather it away from the seam until it is smooth. Leave this to set overnight, after which your wall will be ready to either paint or wallpaper over.

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